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The First Jenurax Crusade

Major Friendly NPCs

Admiral Octavius
Inquisitor Lili von Shtupp
Kell Duster
Serena Blake
Valeriy Kurren: Anonymous Fine Small Arms Salesman on Arthrus Prime
Anonymous Fine Small Arms Craftsman on Lappland Primus
Vincent Bryce: Anonymous Semi-Legal Shipping Contact on Septimus 5
Artemis: Vanus Temple Assassin

Ambiguous NPCs

Inquisitor Brandt

Major Antagonists

Iocanthurax’s Dark Eldar Allies
Seekers of the Holiest Union (Iocanthurax’s Dark Mechanicus Allies)
Wittelsbach Dynasty

Defeated Antagonists

Inquisitor Richemont


Septimus 5: Previous home of Inquisitor Richemont, last known site of Artemis
Arthrus Prime: Hive world, had Dark Eldar problem, home of the Anonymous Fine Small Arms Salesman
Lappland Primus: Idyllic retirement planet for retired heroes, main export is nostalgia, home of Anonymous Fine Small Arms Craftsman
Serris Prime: Friendly forge world.

Main Page

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