Note from Lili about Inquisitor Richemont

Report on the operation against Inquisitor Richemont:

The operation began when we recieved word of Bishop [REDACTED] being tracked by unknown parties whom his bodyguard suspected were tracking his movements. As one of the few members of the ecclesiarchy with experience combating heretics and xenos in manners other than preaching belligerently, he is a key component of the spiritual defense of the sector since he has the position and knowledge to combat the threats a man of the cloth can see in his flock.

Team [REDACTED] was sent to the planet [REDACTED] to track down the Bishop and determine the unknown party’s orders and superiors. It was determined that his tails were human, but that he was also trying to track down a Chaos threat, likely Slaaneshi, and suspected that Eldar were trying to stop them as well.

The team tracked down the enemy team, which consisted of:
- One physically impressive male of 2.3 meters who seemed to need no other recommendation other than his closed mouth. Subject one.
- A female of slight build who was the group social expert of 1.3 meters who showed signs of surgery to reduce her height by a decimeter who had sufficient training to assume multiple personalities and bearings and showed few signs of her surgery. Subject two.
- A male of thin but muscular build of 1.6 meters whose main utility seems to have been stealth with a fixed lower class hive bearing. Subject three.
- A heavily augmented woman who coordinated their efforts from offsite and demonstrated technical aptitude despite not having mechanicus paraphernalia on her person. She was the only one with a sophisticated killswitch. Subject four.

Questioning results:
- Subject one was painfully uncreative. He came up with three wildly unbelievable stories before settling on the common narrative.
-Subject two was resourceful and knew what she was doing. It was only through comparison to her compatriot’s stories and knowing the truth on a good few matters that we were able to extract information from her
-Subject three was combative but once he knew the uselessness of resistance to avoid encouragement he told everything he knew.
-Subject four was clearly the most talented, and her augments were configured so as to render traditional encouragement useless. Tech work and the knowledge of the rest of her team were needed to get information from her.

Team composition was strange, the two male members were far less experienced and skilled than their female compatriots. It suggests an information gathering mission being used as a training opportunity. The male members will be easily replaceable, the female ones represent a significant investment and their greater experience may mean they can be linked to other operations.

The questioning led quickly to the conclusion that they were inquisitorial acolytes and the Bishop was being targeted to try to flush the Eldar out. This could not stand, Eldar involvement in Chaos activity is a nearly 100% predictor that said activity poses a threat to the Imperium on a significant scale.

Therefore we determined that the next step had to be to determine their identity from their catspaw. This trail eventually led us to the planet Septimus 5. After [REDACTED], the network of interests and holdings was traced back to Inquisitor Richemont. More important, when we investigated the compartment of his organization which seemed to be providing the backing for this operation, we uncovered an intention to assassinate the Bishop with a distinctively Dark Eldar weapon to force the Eldar into the open to counter the greater threat that would imply. We eventually tracked down their warehouses and the weapon. Apparently this was one of a matched pair of blast pistols owned by the Inquisitor, taken from a noted Incubus. We took the pistol and left in its place a note that Bishop [REDACTED] was too important to the Imperium to be killed and that the pistol would be evidence if anything happened to him.

APPENDIX 7©: Details of Richemont’s holdings on Septimus 5

Richemont is the subtle kind of Inquisitor. He operates through hidden holdings and compartmentalizes his operation so it can’t be tied together and attached to him.

Septimus 5 is a heavily settled planet. Hives are still unnecessary, but overall, the planet has a lot of settlement to hide in. His holdings have been confirmed in Ventris, the capitol city, Ravenna, a relatively major city, and Apulia, a regional capitol. His activities tend to be centered in cities with strong trade links to spaceports and trade hubs. His important posessions are spread around the planet, and the handling of the blaster pistol indicates they’re parceled out when a mission is decided on and kept compartmentalized. Storehouses can be anything from residential apartments to actual warehouses.

Defenses are relatively small scale and seem to rely on obscurity. Attracting official attention will probably get his attention after a time.

APPENDIX: Details of forwarding

This is internal Inquisition information. Discredit Richemont and ensure it can’t be tracked to me. I’ve got everything in order so you should be trusted with holding the evidence.

Thought for the day: Worse yet than a servant who fails his duty is one who in success causes greater disaster.

Note from Lili about Inquisitor Richemont

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