Inquisitor Brandt

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with ties to the Wittelsbach dynasty.

Links to Wittelsbachs:

  • Transport manifests for 3 loads assorted cargo including weapons
  • 38 Transport contracts for personnel
  • Contracts for throne agent assistance in “acquisitions”
  • Contract outstanding to determine truth of rumors of the existence of an Astrarium Jenurax
  • Contract outstanding for information on the whereabouts of the Victoria aut Mortis
  • Contract to investigate what happened to Inquisitor Richemont, round up xeno artifacts for evidence.

Any ties to other inquisitors:

  • Investigation records on Inquisitor Richemont, suspicions of unacceptable radicalism
  • Notes on Inquisitor von Shtupp, investigation on ties to Nazaret dynasty
  • Information on collaboration with an Inquisitor Varus of the Ordo Hereticus (quite puritan by Lili’s reckoning)
  • Information on plans to levy justice on an Inquisitor Trent of the Ordo Hereticus for consorting with daemons

Inquisitor Brandt

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