Ruined Empire: Traces of settlement on most planets.

Mighty Star: Inner cauldron is the majority of the system.

Inner Cauldron: Radiation riddled with dead worlds which have long since lost any atmosphere, only livable at serious expense.

  1. Large and dense rocky planet. High gravity. Signs of a mining colony on the dark side.
  2. Large rocky planet. Signs of a major impact. Heavily damaged colony visible near the impact site.
  3. Vast rocky planet. Some tenacious native flora.

Primary Biosphere: Somewhat habitable.

  1. Low-mass low gravity rocky planet. Actual biosphere, some life, and minor settlement.

Outer Reaches: Not much out here.

  1. Gas Giant 1: One low-grade volcanic moon in a habitable temperature range.
  2. Gas Giant 2: Lots of little mudballs.


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